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Synopsis for "X-Tinction Agenda part 5: United We Stand"

From a rooftop in Hammer Bay, Boom-Boom and Rictor see a holographic announcement of Psylocke and Wolverine’s capture. Next, they spot two Magistrates and a mutate chasing Jubilee as she returns from a failed food run. Despite being powerless, Boom-Boom and Rictor knock out the Magistrates. With reinforcements on the way, they decide to flee with Jubilee, and the mutate asks to join them. In a warehouse near the citadel, Cable hears of Wolverine’s capture on the radio. Cyclops kisses Marvel Girl goodbye and sends her, Cable, and others with quiet powers to plant explosives around the Genoshan citadel. In the citadel, Cameron Hodge castigates Alex Summers and the Magistrates for failing to capture X-Factor and the X-Men. Then, he goes to torment Wolfsbane as the Genegineer transforms her into a mutate slave. In a tenement, Boom-Boom, Jubilee, and Rictor have the mutate lead them to an empty apartment where they scrounge for food. The apartment’s tenant, a Magistrate, walks in on them, but Rictor overpowers him. On TV, they see Rahne—now Mutate 490—falsely testify that she chose to become a mutate. Rictor is enraged, and Boom-Boom and Jubilee restrain from taking off to rescue her. When Rictor reveals he loves her, Jubilee and the mutate volunteer to help him. Nearby, Gambit blasts a Magistrate off a balcony when he spots Cable’s group setting charges. His body lands in front Rictor’s group as they reach the citadel. They hear Cable’s voice and watch from an alley as he and the others battle more Magistrates. Hodge arrives and has Wipeout negate their powers, enabling the Magistrates to arrest them. The Magistrates also catch the mutate, but he lies to prevent Boom-Boom, Jubilee, and Rictor from being captured. Rictor then watches in horror as Hodge presents Mutate 490, and she informs Cable and the others they will be turned into mutates as well.


  • This issue is part five of the nine-part "X-Tinction Agenda" crossover with Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor. The story continues from Uncanny X-Men #271 and continues in X-Factor #61.
  • This issue is reprinted in:
    • X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda trade paperback (1992) and (2000);
    • X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda hardcover (2011);
    • Essential X-Men vol. 10 trade paperback (2012);
    • Essential X-Factor vol. 5 trade paperback (2013);
    • X-Men Milestones: X-Tinction Agenda trade paperback (2019).

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