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Synopsis for "E is for Extinction (Part 1)"Edit

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  • Part 1 of 3 (story arc).
  • First issue written by Grant Morrison. This and the following issues have the title changed from "X-Men" to "New X-Men". Not to be confused with the students of the Academy X also called New X-Men.
  • Cyclops suggests that the Sentinel attack in Australia may have been from "rogue machines left over from the mutant witch hunts a few months back." [1]
  • Beast and Logan notice some tension between the married couple Jean and Scott.
  • The X-Men are wearing, for the first time, their paramilitary uniforms instead of their super-heroes costumes.


  • Even though Emma Frost is shown on the cover, she is not in this issue. She will later be shown, and later join the team of X-Men also.
  • This issue is the first appearance of Cassandra Nova and Donald Trask, although neither of their first names are revealed in this issue.

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  1. Operation: Zero Tolerance
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