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Pons Aelius; Monkchester

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225 km² (139 sq mi)
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279,100 (2011 estimate)
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Newcastle upon Tyne is an English borough located along the banks of the river, Tyne, in County Durham, England. It was originally established by the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, and portions of the Hadrian Wall battlements can still be found along the West Road.

In recent years, Newcastle is known as the location of a grisly exorcism gone wrong. In 1978, Amateur occultist John Constantine and a group of friends (informally known as the Newcastle Crew), attempted to help young Astra Logue by exorcising a demon that had taken possession of her body. Unable to successfully accomplish the task on their own, John elected to summon a more powerful demonic entity in the hopes of destroying the one possessing Astra. However, he made a critical error in the summoning spell, and unwittingly invoked a powerful demon called Nergal. John was unable to control Nergal, and the demon killed Astra Logue, consigning her soul to Hell. John was barely able to escape from the club with his life, but the experience traumatized him so greatly, that he spent the next two years at the Ravenscar Mental Hospital (See Newcastle Crew for more comprehensive details concerning this event).

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  • In the continuity of the 2004-08 animated series The Batman, Newcastle was the ancestral home of the Cobblepot family. One of the Cobblepot descendents, Oswald, eventually took on the guise of the Penguin and became a recurring foe of the Batman.[1]

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