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  • One version has cover art by Smith, Rapmund and Cox.
  • Another version has cover art by Hotz, Moore and Cox.
  • There were various continuity errors attached to this mini-series, which would indicate that it takes place in both an alternate Earth 616 as well as an alternate Earth 93060. In the context of stories written before this mini-series, the two Night Men were not split from one; one was the real, original Night Man, while the other was created from the use of the Reality Gem. Another change featured supporting character Gale Yee suffering brain damage during a fight between the Night Man duplicate and Mangle (shown in The Night Man, Vol.2, #3); she is shown hale and hearty in the first issue of the mini-series. Yet another change is the relationship between Rhiannon and both Night Men, and the reveal that her character was the mother to the Night Man. Theoretically that was impossible, since Johnny remembered his mother dying when he was a boy, and there were pictures seen of Johnny Domino's mother on the first series of books, the woman in the photos looking nothing like Rhiannon.


  • This mini-series was written originally with Dr. Strange in mind as a way to resolve the dual aspects of Strange and Dr. Stephens and merging them into Dr. Strange. It was shelved and the storyline was resolved differently.

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