Noel Van Horn
Born July 6, 1968 (1968-07-06) (age 52)
San Francisco, California, United States
Nationality American
Area(s) artist, writer

Noel Van Horn (born July 6, 1968) is a comics artist and writer born in the United States and living in Canada. He does mainly Disney comics starring Mickey Mouse. He is the son of William Van Horn, a comics artist as well.

Life and career

Noel Van Horn was born on July 6, 1968 in San Francisco as the son of William Van Horn and a Canadian mother. Inspired by his father's work as an Animator when Noel was a child, he wanted to become an artist as well. Noel enjoyed the Walt Disney's Comics and Stories comic books in his childhood.[1] In 1980, his family moved to Vancouver, Canada. After finishing school, Van Horn studied animation at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.[1][2] In 1992, Van Horn went to San Diego in the United States, where he met Byron Erickson and Bob Foster, editors of Egmont, the Danish publisher of Disney comics.[1][2] Van Horn wanted to draw Bucky Bug comis, but the Egmont editors were in search for Mickey Mouse comics artists. He accepted this offer and started a 18 months long training. Van Horn was instructed to form Mickey's character vividly and to give him an American touch. Van Horn finally joined Egmont in 1993.[1] Today, Noel Van Horn still lives in Vancouver with his wife. They have a son. Van Horn is a freelancing full-time artist at Egmont and works at home in his own studio.[1][2]

Van Horn's work is inspired by the American comics artists Dave Stevens and Floyd Gottfredson, but also by his father.[1] Noel and William Van Horn have a similar style, but while Noel uses characters from the Mickey Mouse universe, his father is specialized on the Scrooge McDuck universe.[3] Almost all of Noel Van Horn's comics feature Mickey Mouse, but also Goofy makes many appearances.[4] Noel wrote a single Donald Duck comic drawn by his father, To Bee Or Not To Bee, which was first published in 1998.[5] In 2007, the first and only comic starring Bucky Bug drawn by Noel Van Horn was published on the occasion of this character's 75th anniversary.[6] Van Horn's works are mainly published in European Disney comic books, especially in Scandinavian countries, Germany, and Poland.[4]


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