Wannabe/The Scarlet Knight
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Norrin Weismeyer aka Wannabe in Freshmen Yearbook 1 pg08
Publication information
Publisher Top Cow Productions
First appearance Freshmen #.1 June 8, 2005
Created by Seth Green
Hugh Sterbakov
Andrew Pepoy
In-story information
Alter ego Kenneth Weismeyer
Team affiliations Freshmen
Notable aliases Norrin
Abilities He uses "Armor and utility belt"

Kenneth "Norrin" Weismeyer is a fictional college student who is obsessed with comic book superheroes. He is featured in the Top Cow Productions comic book series Freshmen.

Early life

As a little boy his father would read him classic adventures of the silver age of comic books and soon he was buying comics himself weekly. He has one older sister and his father and mother are happily married and living in Pittsburgh working as a steelworker and a dog trainer.[1]


Vol. I

In his first year in college he met Annalee Rogers and fell in love for her. After going to a frat party and later going out for pizza, he misses the explosion of the ax-cell-erator and the super powers people exposed to it consequently develop.[2] Although he himself has no powers, he talks the other freshmen into becoming superheroes and fighting criminals.[3] To compensate for his lack of supernatural abilities, he has developed a suit of armor and various comic-inspired gadgets, like a grappling hook launcher and special goggles.[4]

After the team's first field assignment is successful he becomes team leader. However their second field assignment is not and Seductress is critically injured by Rob the frat guy and his Hulking Frat Guys. He blames himself for Seductress injuries, and allows Rob the frat guy and his Hulking Frat Guys to take him to see Dr. Theodore Tomlinson in hopes of getting his own superpowers.[5] He betrays the team and helps Dr. Tomlinson in spreading a disease to millions. He is talked out of releasing the deadly virus by his teammate, Annalee Rogers.[6]

Vol. II

After the Christmas break and much soul searching and starting a working-out regime Norrin takes the new superhero name "The Scarlet Knight". Norrin meets Annalee's father and started to see a man who looks like Mr. Fiddesticks an old story book character of Norrin's childhood. Norrin starts dating a woman named Amy.[7]


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