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Appearing in "The Origin of Forbush-Man"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Origin of Forbush-Man"Edit

Irving Forbush, a low-level employee at Marble Comics realizes his dream of being a superhero.

Appearing in "The Revengers Vs. Charlie America"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Revengers Vs. Charlie America"Edit

Satirizes the events of Avengers #4 when the four remaining original Avengers discovered Captain America floating in a block of ice.

Appearing in "The Ever-lovin' Thung Vs. The Inedible Bulk"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Ever-lovin' Thung Vs. The Inedible Bulk"Edit

The Thung battles the Bulk when he suspects the Bulk of "tryin' to beat my time" with his girlfriend, Anemia. This is a loose parody of Fantastic Four #25-26, though it also employs elements of the Thing's bout with the Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four #55.


Although Forbush Man first appeared on the cover of Not Brand Echh #1, this is his first time actually appearing within a story.


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