Not Quite Dead
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Publication information
Publisher Flag
Rip Off Press
Schedule Irregular
Format Ongoing series
Genre Underground
Publication date 1993
Number of issues 6
Main character(s) Sweaty Eddie
Elephant Fingers
Felonius Punk
Cat Whittington
Gnarly Charlie
Creative team
Writer(s) Gilbert Shelton, Pic
Artist(s) Gilbert Shelton, Pic
Creator(s) Gilbert Shelton & Pic

Not Quite Dead is an underground comic book series by Gilbert Shelton and the French cartoonist Pic, published in France by the magazine Flag and in the U.S. by Rip Off Press. The title is the name of a fictional band. The main characters—the band members—first appeared on the cover of Rip Off Comix #19 1988.

Band members are named Sweaty Eddie, Elephant Fingers, Felonius Punk, Thor, and Cat Whittington, with a manager named Gnarly Charlie.

The most recent issue is #7, "Last Gig in Shnagrlig": (2010).

Eisner award winning writer Tom Spurgeon, reviewing a preview copy of "Last Gig in Shnagrlig" wrote, "One of the surviving masters of the underground comix era, Gilbert Shelton is frequently acknowledged as one of the great living cartoonists and a key figure in the late 20th Century re-invigoration of comics for adults."[1]


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