Real Name
Carrie Andrews
Current Alias
Nyx; Carrie Ann; She-Spawn

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Nyx is a witch who practicing magic by herself at the age of four. Her real name is Carrie Ann when she was twelve she then gave herself the nickname of Nyx. Nyx encountered Spawn when he lost his powers and was wandering the streets in fear, and confusion. Nyx then came to him and helped him regain his powers. Nyx eventually fell in love with Al and helped him on many occasions.

She remembered her friends Lily and Thea who had both died years earlier. Wondering how Thea was doing in Hell she asked Spawn to show her. However, when she saw her friend's pain, Nyx collapsed in horror. She suffered a terrible seizure.

Thousand Clowns Circus

Nyx wearing a Spawn Suit. Nyx encountered Mammon who told her of Thea's suffering in hell and convinced her to enter Hell to save her friend. She then prepared for her journey, and with Mammon's help she was able to steal a bit of Spawn's Necroplasm. This gave her his powers and a Spawn Suit. With Mammon, Nyx entered Hell in the form of a fly. There she encountered the Third Redeemer, Eddie Frank who she thought was Al Simmons.

After their fight she told him she took Spawn's suit to enter Hell to save a friend. Mammon advised her to ask him for help. He initially refused until Eddie told her of his journeys in Hell. He then decided to let him help her. In return he asked her to help him escape Hell.

They set off to find Thea, which led to another fight, this time with a demon posing as Nyx's father. Finally they found their way to Thea's cell. Nyx was glad to see Thea and told her she came to free her. However, Thea refused to go. Instead she asked Nyx to free her soul. Hesitant at first, Nyx then asked the Redeemer for his sword which she used to free her friend.

Nyx returned to Earth with the Redeemer. Once home, she went to return Spawn's powers. In doing so Spawn awoke from his coma and went berserk. Sensing her danger Eddie returned to save her & settle the score with Spawn. Spawn was victorious in battle, and Mammon arrived to take away Nyx's powers for payment, and punishment for betraying Spawn.

Voodoo Child

Nyx running from Demonic Dogs in New Orleans. After Armageddon and the White Light Phenomena Nyx managed to make her way to New Orleans. After running from Demonic Dogs she met a Voodoo Mambo named Suzanne Lefèvre. Nyx saw her at an altar of Spawn which informed her that she was a Loa.

Nyx informed her of her encounter with Spawn and what she did to him. Nyx then decided search for the faux Houngan who might restore her powers. Suzanne warned her of him, but Nyx still decided to go meet him.

Nyx Possessed by Zera

When she arrived at his home, Houngan demonstrated her his possession with Zera's head. Nyx planned that if he didn't restore her powers then she would commit suicide. Sensing danger, Suzanne summoned Spawn to help her. Once Spawn arrived to help her, Zera possessed Nyx and used her to kill the Houngan.

Zera set her sights on Spawn to get revenge for decapitating her. Using Nyx, she punctured Spawn with her sword. The possessed Nyx was about to give the finishing blow when Suzanne arrived. She broke the head out of the jar and fed it to the demon dogs that has been chasing Nyx earlier.

Mammon had been watching the fight. He returned Nyx's powers, saying he no longer needed her power. Mammon disappeared, and Nyx asked Spawn if he come to kill her. However, Spawns forgave her instead.

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