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Following their banishment from Oa during the Sinestro Corps War, Ganthet and Sayd travelled to the world of Odym, a planet of lush beauty and unrestrained life. The two realized that the Guardians of the Universe would ignore the inevitability of the Blackest Night, but that Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner would fight to prevent it from coming to pass. Realizing that they could not succeed alone, the two decided to form the Blue Lantern Corps, a force powered by the blue light of hope to assist the Green Lantern Corps. Thus far, Ganthet and Sayd have not sought to colonize the planet, but instead build the Central Power Battery, leave it as a world of unrestrained life and beauty.

Agent Orange

At the height of the conflict on Okaara between the Guardians, the Green Lantern Corps and Larfleeze (New Earth), and his own Orange Lantern Corps the Guardians and Larfleeze came to a truce agreement for the second time in a billion years. Larfleeze agreed to once again contain the Orange Light within the Vega system and in exchange the Guardians told him where he could find the one object that might quench his greed filled thirst, a Blue Ring. While Ganthet and Sayd continued inducting Blue Lanterns into their Corps; Larfleeze descended upon Odym with his entire orange construct created Corps so that he may possess a Blue Ring of his own.

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Odym revolves around the star Polaris which on earth is referred to as the north star, the star one uses to find their way home.


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