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Because twelve volumes couldn't possibly be enough, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe carries on with lucky number thirteen! Featuring more expanded and up-to-date biographies from the likes of the Vision to the Young Avengers! Including a host of X-teams including X-Factor, X-Force, X-Men and X-Statix! Includes heroes such as War Machine, the Hulk's Warbound, Adam Warlock, Warpath, the Wasp(s), Wiccan, the Winter Guard, Pete Wisdom, Wolfsbane, Wolverine, Wonder Man, Jimmy Woo, X-23, Nate Grey the X-Man and Xorn! With villains including Emperor Vulcan, Vulture, Weapon X, Wendigo, Whiplash, Wizard, the Wrecking Crew and the Yellow Claw! Plus: Werewolves! Wild Child! The New Mutants' Warlock! Asgard's own Warriors Three! Mary Jane Watson! Face it tiger, you just hit the mother lode!


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