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Okaara is the thirteenth planet in the Vegan star system. Ages ago, the Guardians of the Universe made a pact with a group of Okaarans known as the Keepers of the Orange Light. On the emotional spectrum, the Orange Light represented avarice and was of great threat to the Guardians' plans. In exchange for keeping the orange light buried and out of reach, the Guardians agreed to leave Okaara and the entire Vega star system outside of their established jurisdiction.[1]

The natives of Okaara were once a peaceful people until the day that the Psions arrived on their home world. The Psions captured one of the Okaarans, X'Hal, and performed a series of experiments on her.

Okaara is also where Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran was taken whereupon she was trained in deadly combat techniques by the venerated Warlords of Okaara. Beneath Okaara's exterior, a powerful force dwells in the caverns below: the paranoid Orange Lantern Corps, who, wielding the power of Avarice, have recently started waging war upon the Green Lanterns, using the Okaaran caverns as their base.



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