The Walking Dead character
Olivia, as portrayed by Ann Mahoney in the television series (left) and in the comic book series (right).
Created by Robert Kirkman
Portrayed by Ann Mahoney
Occupation Inventory manager for the Alexandria Safe-Zone
Family Unknown

Olivia is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead and the television series of the same name, where she is portrayed by Ann Mahoney. Olivia is a resident in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. She is the manager of the pantry and the armory.

Comic book series

Olivia is a cheerful young woman in charge of the weapons storage at the Alexandria Safe Zone. Olivia persuades Douglas to let Michonne keep her weapons after Rick's group joins the community,[issue # needed] and also cuts Rick's hair for him.[issue # needed] A bit of a gossip, Olivia is the first to tell Rick about Davidson.[issue # needed] After the zombie attack, Andrea trains Olivia and the others on how to use weapons, though Olivia has difficulty killing the walkers.[issue # needed] Later, Olivia tells Rick that food rations are running low, leading Rick to form a group to find food outside of the community.[issue # needed] When Rick and the others leave, Olivia joins Nicholas and Spencer in conspiring against him, though it is unclear what her feelings are on ousting Rick.[issue # needed] She does not receive any blame for her part in the conspiracy after it is absolved, and her opinion of Rick seems to have improved.[issue # needed] Olivia later admits Maggie Greene and many other residents of the Hilltop Community into Alexandria after the Saviors' second attack on the town.[issue # needed] She is still residing in the Safe Zone after the time skip.[issue # needed] During the conflict with the Whisperers, Olivia is one of the twelve people who was decapitated by Alpha.[issue # needed]

Television series

Season 5

In the episode "Remember", Olivia takes the weapons from Rick's group in a tray to keep watch over them. She often works in the pantry and armory of Alexandria. In the episode "Forget", Olivia tells Sasha that she used to work at a coffee shop for seven years. When Olivia arrives at Deanna's party, Carol sneaks into the armory.

Season 6

In the season premiere "First Time Again", Olivia listens as Carter states his plan to overthrow Rick and his group. In the episode "JSS", Olivia hides in a closet when the Wolves attack. Carol finds her an gives her a gun to protect herself with. In the episode "Now", Olivia tries to prevent several Alexandria residents from raiding the pantry after a horde of walkers has surrounded the town before Spencer arrives to stop them. In the episode "Heads Up", Olivia is distracted cleaning up a mess in the pantry when Ron Anderson sneaks behind her and steals some bullets from the armory.

In the mid-season premiere "No Way Out", Olivia retreats inside Eric's house when the walker horde finally gets through the walls. She is one of the first residents of Alexandria to emerge and help fight off the walker invasion, inspired by Rick taking a stand. In the episode "Twice as Far", Olivia reopens the pantry, and helps prep the weapons carts for the townspeople.

Season 7

In the episode "Service", Olivia is threatened with death by Negan when the Saviors find out that two of the guns are missing from the armory. Eventually the guns are found in Spencer's house, and Olivia is released. In the episode "Sing Me a Song", Negan comes back to Alexandria to meet with Rick, and Olivia explains that he is out scavenging. Negan suggests that they pass the time by having sex, and Olivia is incensed and slaps him on the face. In the episode "Hearts Still Beating", Olivia has to fulfill orders given by Negan to make lemonade for him. She is also the main caretaker of Judith Grimes in this episode. After Rosita tries to shoot Negan, he demands to know who made the bullet for her. When Rosita refuses to tell, Negan demands that Arat, a Savior, choose someone to kill. She pulls out her gun, turns around and shoots Olivia in the face, killing her.

Development and reception

Olivia is portrayed by Ann Mahoney on The Walking Dead television series.[1][2] She is a member of the supporting cast for the seventh season.[3]


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