Ollie Fliptrik is a fictional character who had his own comic strip in the UK comic The Dandy. He first appeared in issue # 3138, dated 12 January 2002. The strip catalogues the crazy adventures of Ollie, a spikey-haired skateboarder, and his friends dopey Doug, Smudger and Anna, also enthusiastic skateboarders. Ollie is not a pro skater, but more and more people think he should be. The character was created and drawn by Karl Dixon, who also drew Beryl the Peril for the comic, from 1999 until 2005.

For a while Ollie also had his own fan club which readers could join, called Ollie Fliptrik's Dandy Club.

After the Xtreme revamp, Ollie's appearances became less regular, and he last appeared in March 2009.

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