Ollins Medical Lab

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Ollins Medical Lab
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Ollins Medical Labs; Ollins Research

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Ollins Medical Lab was a small chemical research firm located in Manhattan, New York City, on 732 York Avenue.

During the height of the Vietnam War, Ollins Medical Lab specialized in chemical warfare and biological agents, but as the war came to a close, their contracts diminished and they were forced to turn towards more passive designs such as cosmetics and cold capsules.

Some years ago, one of Ollins' top researchers, Dr. Bruce Bonwit and his team developed a drug known as Nuvafed. Having tested Nuvafed on primate subjects, they discovered that it could be successfully cultivated as a powerful anti-histamine. Bonwit approached Ollins with a request to continue the project with human subjects, but Ollins emphatically denied any such processes pending FDA approval.

Unwilling to allow his research to sit on the FDA's approval list for an indeterminate amount of time, he instead approached Ollins' patent attorney, Ted Brenton Jr. Brenton knew of a fellow lawyer who would be willing to help Bonwit out in his tests – Frederick Delmar.

Delmar had recently fallen onto hard times and was forced to declare bankruptcy. Desperate for a means to provide for his family, he volunteered to be a test subject in Bonwit's work. The Ollins research team assured Delmar that their Nuvafed drug was completely safe and that he would not suffer any ill side effects. A man named Dr. Harris injected Delmar with a concentrated dose of the Nuvafed. Surprisingly, the drug had the complete opposite effect than expected. Delmar convulsed wildly in his chair and subsequently died. Bonwit and his team drove Delmar’s body to upstate New York where they dumped it into an abandoned field.

Some time later, the Nuvafed in Delmar's veins resurrected him, mutating his form into a vegetative monster named Goldenrod. Swearing revenge upon everyone responsible for turning him into a freak, Goldenrod returned to New York City and broke into the Ollins Medical Lab. Firestorm arrived at the lab and briefly fought with Goldenrod. Goldenrod fled from Ollins and tracked down the project chief, Bruce Bonwit. He killed Bonwit in his home, before choosing to end his own tormented existence.



  • Ollins (President and CEO)
  • Dr. A. Christie
  • Dr. Bruce Bonwit
  • Dr. D. Sawyers
  • Dr. Harris


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