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Oolong Island

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Oolong Island
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Doom Patrol Headquarters

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Oolong Island
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Oolong Island is a remote region previously operated by the mutated scientist known as Chang Tzu. Used as a base of operations for criminial geniuses, it became a haven for various intellectual minds to engage in their chosen arts.

Chang Tzu was a member of the Great Ten, China's metahuman defenders. Oolong Island was a Red Chinese stronhold. Under order from Beijing, Chang Tzu utilized Intergang money to design and build doomsday weapons for one purpose -- to destroy the Black Marvel Family.[1]

Oolong Island later became its own sovereign nation, ruled by President Veronica Cale, and still housing the many mad scientists left over. The Doom Patrol has also taken it as their new Headquarters.[2]

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  • Formerly a Protectorate of People's Republic of China, it was later granted a sovereign nation status.[3]


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