The following is a complete list of cartoons starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Walt Disney produced 26 cartoons during 1927–1928, 26 cartoons were produced after Walt Disney's departure during the Winkler years (1928–1929), and 142 cartoons were produced by Walter Lantz during 1929–1943, making 194 cartoons in total.


The Disney years


Film Notes
Poor Papa First cartoon produced in series (in 1927), initially rejected but released a year later.[1] Animated by Ub Iwerks and the entire Disney Oswald staff. Not on DVD, but survives; one print was screened at a 1987 animation retrospective,[2] others were put up for auction in 2001,[3] 2013, and 2014.[4]
Trolley Troubles The first Oswald cartoon released (was the second one produced). Animated by Ub Iwerks and the entire Disney Oswald staff.
Oh Teacher A few sequences went missing and others were reordered when the cartoon was reissued. Animated by Ub Iwerks and the entire Disney Oswald staff.
The Mechanical Cow Animated by Ub Iwerks and the entire Disney Oswald staff.
Great Guns! Animated by Ub Iwerks and the entire Disney Oswald staff.
All Wet Directed by Ub Iwerks. Animated by Iwerks and the entire Disney Oswald staff.
The Ocean Hop A few sequences went missing when the cartoon was reissued. Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton.
The Banker's Daughter Lost cartoon. A few sketches of this film survive. Animated by Ub Iwerks and Friz Freleng.
Empty Socks Not on DVD, but a fragmentary print[5] and a mostly complete second print[6] survive. Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton.
Rickety Gin Lost cartoon. Animated by Ub Iwerks and Friz Freleng.


Film Notes
Harem Scarem Lost cartoon. Animation drawings from a small part of this film survive. These drawings were compiled by Disney into a video clip in 2012. Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton.
Neck 'n' Neck Lost cartoon. Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton.
The Ol' Swimmin' Hole Lost cartoon. Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton.
Africa Before Dark Not on DVD, but survives. Animated by Ub Iwerks.
Rival Romeos Animated by Ub Iwerks.
Bright Lights Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton.
Sagebrush Sadie Lost cartoon, but a small fragment of a pencil test has survived. Animated by Ub Iwerks, Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton.
Ride 'Em Plowboy Animated by Ub Iwerks, Hugh Harman, Rollin Hamilton, and Friz Freleng. Lost cartoon, but a storyboard page survives [7]
Ozzie of the Mounted Survives almost complete, though a few sequences are still missing. Animated by Ub Iwerks, Hugh Harman, Rollin Hamilton, Ben Clopton, and Les Clark.
Hungry Hobos Not on DVD, but survives. A once lost cartoon, this cartoon was discovered in a vault in England in November 2011.
Sky Scrappers
The Fox Chase Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton
Tall Timber Animated by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton
Sleigh Bells Lost cartoon
Hot Dog Lost cartoon, but a storyboard page survives[8]

The Winkler years


Film Notes
High Up Directed by Hugh Harman and Rollin Hamilton
Mississippi Mud Lost cartoon.
Panicky Pancakes Lost cartoon. Directed by Hugh Harman and Ben Clopton
Fiery Fireman Directed by Friz Freleng and Rudolph Ising
Rocks and Socks Lost cartoon.
South Pole Flight Lost cartoon. Directed by Hugh Harman and Ben Clopton
Bull-Oney Lost cartoon. Directed by Walter Lantz and Tom Palmer
A Horse Tale Lost cartoon. Directed by Rollin Hamilton and Tom Palmer
Farmyard Follies Some sequences are still missing. Directed by Walter Lantz and Rollin Hamilton


Film Notes
Homeless Homer Directed by Rudolph Ising and Friz Freleng
Yanky Clippers Directed by Walter Lantz and Tom Palmer, Last Silent Oswald cartoon.
Hen Fruit Lost cartoon. The first Oswald cartoon in sound,
Sick Cylinders Exists only as silent print. Directed by Hugh Harman and Ben Clopton
Hold 'Em Ozzie Lost cartoon
The Suicide Sheik Lost cartoon. Directed by Hugh Harman
Alpine Antics Exists only as silent print. Directed by Tom Palmer.
The Lumberjack Sound status of print uncertain.
The Fishing Fool Lost cartoon
Stage Stunts Lost cartoon
Stripes and Stars Lost cartoon
The Wicked West Lost cartoon. Directed by Friz Freleng
Ice Man's Luck Lost cartoon
Nuts and Jolts Lost cartoon. Directed by Hugh Harman
Jungle Jingles Exists only as silent print. Directed by Ben Clopton
Weary Willies Exists only as silent print. Directed by Friz Freleng
Saucy Sausages Lost cartoon

The Lantz/Universal years


Film Notes
Race Riot The first of the Walter Lantz Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts. Although films now had sound, Oswald doesn't actually speak yet. His voice was done by a slide whistle.
Oil's Well
Permanent Wave
Cold Turkey Lost cartoon. Oswald speaks for the first time. Bill Nolan provides the voice for Oswald in this cartoon
Pussy Willie Lost cartoon
Amateur Nite Alternate Title: Amateur Night
Hurdy Gurdy
Snow Use
Nutty Notes Lost cartoon
Ozzie of the Circus Lost cartoon, only audio track has survived


Film Notes
Kounty Fair The cartoon's soundtrack is currently missing.
Chilly Con Carmen Russell Merritt has suggested that the 1929 Silly Symphony El Terrible Toreador may have been based on an unfinished Disney Oswald cartoon. In that case, Chilly Con Carmen may represent the later Oswald staff finishing their version of the short.
Kisses and Kurses Lost cartoon.
Broadway Folly This cartoon was once lost, but has recently been found. Last cartoon to feature a laughing Oswald in the title card. Beyond this, he becomes steady. Oswald only has one line in this short: "Okay, circle."
Bowery Bimbos Lost cartoon, only audio track has survived.
The Hash Shop
The Prison Panic
Tramping Tramps
Hot for Hollywood Vitaphone disc of the soundtrack was found in 2005.
Hell's Heels This was the 20th Oswald cartoon made by Lantz and it shows he had a very different concept for the title character. The story line makes it abundantly clear this was not made for a child audience.
My Pal Paul This cartoon refers to the 1930 Universal Studios feature film The King of Jazz, which it was used to promote. Paul Whiteman is caricatured.
Not So Quiet
Cold Feet This cartoon was once lost, but has recently been found. A drawing made by the animators attributed to this short shows Oswald playing a radiator like an accordion. This idea never made it to the final cartoon.
Snappy Salesman Quite possibly a withheld 1929 release.
The Singing Sap The first cartoon on which Tex Avery was credited as an animator (as Fred Avery).[9]
The Detective
The Fowl Ball
The Navy Oswald wears shoes for the first time.
Africa Oswald's theme song is featured for the first time.
Mars Purportedly only one copy in existence.


Film Notes
Shipwreck Oswald wears gloves for the first time.
The Farmer
The Fireman
Sunny South
Country School
The Bandmaster
The Stone Age
Radio Rhythm Alternate Title: "The Radio Bug."
Kentucky Belles
Hot Feet
The Hunter In this cartoon, Oswald wears a shirt for the first time, therefore completing his outfit.

Some plot elements in the cartoon would be used again in Carnival Capers.

The Hare Mail Retitled as "The Hare Mail" for home distribution.
The Fisherman Alternate Title: "The Fisherman (Reissue Title)."
The Clown


Film Notes
Grandma's Pet
Mechanical Man
Wins Out
Beau and Arrows
Making Good
Let's Eat Alternate Title: "Foiled (Working Title)."
The Winged Horse
Cat Nipped
A Wet Knight Some plot elements in this short would be featured in "Krazy Spooks", a 1933 Krazy Kat cartoon.

Mozart's "Turkish March" is used in the short. "Music Hath Charms" is also featured in the cartoon. The song itself was made for "King of Jazz," a 1930 Universal film.

A Jungle Jumble
Day Nurse
The Busy Barber A remake of the silent 1928 Oswald cartoon "Yanky Clippers."
Carnival Capers
Wild and Woolly
Teacher's Pests


Film Notes
The Plumber Alternate Title: "The Plumber."
The Shriek Some plot elements in this short would be used in King Klunk, a Pooch the Pup cartoon released later in the same year.

The cartoon is a parody of The Sheik, a 1921 Paramount film.

Going to Blazes
Beau Best
Ham and Eggs
Confidence Alternate Title: "A New Deal (Working Title)."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt is caricatured.

Five and Dime Celebrities caricatured in this short include: Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and Jimmy Durante.
The Zoo
The Merry Old Soul Oswald, at the time, usually wears a collar shirt and shorts. Here, he is seen in a sweater and pants. This particular outfit was previously worn by Pooch the Pup, another Walter Lantz character.

Among those that appear in the film are the band leader Paul Whiteman, "singer" Roscoe Ates, Mae Wes, Harold Lloyd, and Zasu Pitts. The voice for the Al Jolson character sounds remarkably like Cliff Edwards. Here is a list of the celebrities caricatured in Old King Cole. For the most part they are listed in order of their appearance: Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Ed Wynn, Joe E. Brown, Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton, Will Rogers, W. C. Fields, Edna Mae Oliver, Mae West, Joe Penner, Al Jolson (in blackface), Jimmy Durante, Harold Lloyd, Zasu Pitts, and the Four Marx Brothers.

Parking Space


Film Notes
Chicken Reel
The Candy House
The County Fair
The Toy Shoppe Despite the screen credit, Walter Lantz was the sole director.

In 1984, Fred Ladd and Entercolor Technologies Corp. colorized this cartoon as a test for Universal. The studio rejected this and all future plans for colorizing black and white Lantz cartoons.[10]

Kings Up
Wolf! Wolf!
The Ginger Bread Boy Alternate Title: "The Gingerbread Boy."

The story within the cartoon is based on "The Gingerbread Man," a fairy tale published in 1875.

Goldielocks and the Three Bears
Annie Moved Away
Wax Works
William Tell
Chris Columbus Jr. Alternate Title: "Christopher Columbus, Jr. (Home Distribution)."

Incorrectly listed in Leonard Maltin's "Of Mice and Magic" as "Chris Columbo Jr."

The Dizzy Dwarf
Ye Happy Pilgrims
Sky Larks Alternate Title: "The Sky Larks."
Spring in the Park The last Oswald cartoon with Bill Nolan as an animator. Nolan was also well-known for working on other notable characters such as Felix the Cat and Krazy Kat, both of which he had involvement in earlier.
Toyland Premiere The scene near the end in which Laurel & Hardy appear in "blackface" (courtesy of the chocolate cake Santa blew in their faces) is generally omitted from current releases for this short.


Film Notes
Robinson Crusoe Isle
The Hillbilly According to the Southern Mountaineers Filmography of Appalachian State University Libraries, this is one of the earliest hillbilly cartoons.
Two Little Lambs
Do a Good Deed
Elmer the Great Dane
Springtime Serenade Lyrics by Walter Lantz.
Town Hall Follies It's unknown who were the voice actors, but could it be that Walter Lantz voiced Oswald (much like Disney, who did voice Mickey Mouse), but after 1932 -when Mickey Rooney stopped voicing the rabbit- Oswald had no regular voice actors, and many studio staff members (including Lantz sometimes) would take turns in voicing the character over the years.

The storyline was reworked by Avery ten years later in MGM's Wild and Woolfy (this time set in the Wild West) featuring "Droopy"

At Your Service
Bronco Buster
Amateur Broadcast
The Quail Hunt Alternate Title: "Quail Hunt (Home Distribution)."
Monkey Wretches The final appearance of Oswald in his original design.

The first appearance by monkeys Meany, Miny and Moe (who were supporting players). Their popularity led to their development into a series of their own for Universal.

Case of the Lost Sheep The first cartoon to feature the white Oswald, a concept by Manuel Moreno. Despite retaining the name, this later version of Oswald looks like a completely different character.
Doctor Oswald From this point onward, the character is referred to as "Oswald Rabbit" instead of "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" in the title cards.


Film Notes
Soft Ball Game Alternate Title: "The Softball Game."
Alaska Sweepstakes Alternate Title: "Alaska Mush."
Slumberland Express
Beauty Shoppe
The Barnyard Five
Fun House Alternate Title: "Fun House (Reissue Title)."
Farming Fools Later in 1936, Meany, Miny and Moe would star in their own series.
Battle Royal
Music Hath Charms
Kiddie Revue
Beach Combers Alternate Title: "Beachcombers."

Re-released by Castle Films as "Beach Combers."

Night Life of the Bugs The first screen credits for Dick Bickenbach and Jack Dunham.

The title parodies that of the 1935 Universal feature film "Night Life of the Gods."

Puppet Show Oswald himself is animated, but the puppets that he controls are live-action. There is also an animated dream sequence of the puppets.

Oswald speaks no lines in this cartoon.

The Unpopular Mechanic
Gopher Trouble


Film Notes
Everybody Sing
Duck Hunt
The Birthday Party Alternate Title: "The Quint's Birthday."

This cartoon celebrates the 10th anniversary of ex-Disney star Oswald.

Trailer Thrills
The Wily Weasel
The Playful Pup Lost cartoon, only the title card and the ending card exists.[11]
Lovesick Alternate Title: "Love Sick."
Keeper of the Lions
The Mechanical Handy Man Alternate Title: "Mechanical Handyman."
Football Fever
The Mysterious Jug
The Dumb Cluck


Film Notes
The Lamp Lighter Alternate Title: "The Lamplighter."
Man Hunt Alternate Title: "The Manhunt."
Yokel Boy Makes Good
Trade Mice Copyrighted as "The Trade Mice."
Feed the Kitty The final cartoon in the Oswald series. Oswald appears in two further shorts, "Happy Scouts" and "The Egg Cracker Suite."

Alex Lovy's directorial debut.

Happy Scouts Fred Kopietz's directorial debut.

The last Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon shot in black and white.


Film Notes
The Egg Cracker Suite This title is a play on The Nutcracker Suite, composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This cartoon would be Oswald the Rabbit's swan song. Though Oswald's screen career concludes in this cartoon, he would have a long run in comic books.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was a huge star during the 1930s. Most of his cartoons were produced in black and white. This was one of the few Oswalds produced in color. Emery Hawkins' first onscreen credit at Walter Lantz Productions, and the only Lantz short directed by Ben Hardaway and Hawkins.

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Film Notes
Get a Horse! First appearance by Oswald in a Disney cartoon following reacquisition in 2006.


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