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The Outsiders have used several different locations as their headquarters over the years. Their original headquarters when Batman started the team was a meeting room in the top of Wayne Tower.[1] They lost this when Batman quit the team.[2] King Gregor later agreed to fund the team and built them a new base in the Pacific Ocean outside of Los Angeles. This was a research facility named Station Markovia run by scientist Helga Jace.[3] Batman would eventually reconcile with the team and build them a base called Batcave West.[4] Major Disaster destroyed Station Markovia while working as an agent of SKULL.[5]

When Arsenal established a new Outsiders, he used an abandoned bomb shelter underneath Brooklyn as their headquarters. This was stocked as a state-of-the-art underground military bunker.[6] Arsenal and Jade blew up the bunker when they decided its security had been compromised too many times.[7] Batman later took control of the team again, and had them operate out of the Batcave.[8] Alfred Pennyworth took over the Outsiders when Batman disappeared, and used the orbiting Bat-Rocket as their mobile base.[9]



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