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P. Craig Russell

Real Name
Philip Craig Russell
P. Craig Russell; Craig Russell


Date of Birth
October 30, 1951

Place of Birth
Wellsville, Ohio, United States of America

First publication


Personal History

Personal History of P. Craig Russell is unknown.

Professional History

Philip Craig Russell (born October 30, 1951[1] in Wellsville, Ohio[2]), also known as P. Craig Russell, is an American comic book writer, artist, and illustrator. His work has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards. Russell was the first mainstream comic book creator to come out as openly Gay.[3]


Early life and career

Russell broke into comics in 1972[4] as an assistant to Dan Adkins.[5] Russell first became well known with his 11-issue Amazing Adventures run and subsequent graphic novel featuring Killraven, hero of a future version of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, collaborating with writer Don McGregor.[6] Comics historian Peter Sanderson wrote that, "McGregor's finest artistic collaborator on the series was P. Craig Russell, whose sensitive, elaborate artwork, evocative of Art Nouveau illustration, gave the landscape of Killraven's America a nostalgic, pastoral feel, and the Martian architecture the look of futuristic castles."[7]

Withdrawing for a while from mainstream comics, Russell produced a number of experimental strips, many of which were later published in his Night Music series and in Epic Illustrated.


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