Philip Janet Maybe

Real Name
Philip Janet Maybe
Byron Donald Ambrose; Junior Urchison; Pedro Julio Montez
Employer and apparently lover of Inga
Roger and Margaret Maybe (parents, deceased)
Base Of Operations
Mega-City One

Marital Status
Serial killer
Normal human birth
Place of Birth
First appearance

2000 AD prog 534


PJ Maybe was born in 2097. A relative of the wealthy Yess family, whose company Emphatically Yess made trousers for Justice Department, Philip Janet (his parents had wanted a girl) was a child prodigy who deliberately hid his genius-level intelligence so he wouldn't be noticed. Having consciously decided to become a serial killer, he committed his first murders at the age of 12, murdering a couple chosen at random from the phone book to see what it was like.

He then systematically murdered members of the Yess family in order to place his father in control of the company. PJ was captured by Judge Dredd and placed in a secure hospital as he was too young to be tried. Escaping following the Necropolis disaster, PJ returned home in time to witness his parents' suicide but fortune smiled on him in the form of family friend Mrs Urchison, who took him in.

Repaying her kindness by killing both her and her son Junior, PJ then used a face change machine to change his features in order to impersonate Junior before going on to kill Mr Urchison, a man named Willy Wonker (so he could take over his billion-cred confectionery company), a couple of his employees and a girlfriend who laughed at his zit. PJ was once again apprehended by Dredd and imprisoned in Iso Block 666. He had killed 21 people and was still not yet 18 years old.

Escaping again after seven years, PJ returned to his murderous ways, eventually fleeing the city and stealing the identity of Pedro Julio Montez, faking his own death by having his heart surgically removed and replaced by an artificial one. PJ's own heart was given to Judge Dredd as proof of his death. The heart was placed on display in Justice Department's Black Museum.

Maybe could not resist returning to the city though, and after another murder spree in which he killed several former acquaintances he had disliked as a child, Judge Dredd became aware that he had survived. Maybe escaped capture by murdering Dr Byron Ambrose, who he arranged to have die in a fire after first switching Ambrose's heart for an artificial one. Swapping his DNA records with Ambrose's, he successfully had Ambrose's body identified as his, while he adopted Ambrose's identity.

In 2129, Maybe (as Ambrose) was elected Mayor of Mega-City One (a position previously held by Mayor Jim Grubb and Dave the Orangutan, amongst others) after murdering the previous incumbent and framing his opponent for the murder (and several others). Though he continued to kill for fun, 'Byron Ambrose' oddly enough proved to be a very effective Mayor, and even gained the grudging approval of Judge Dredd.

Placed under pressure to raise more revenue for the city by the corrupt Acting Chief Judge Sinfield, Maybe repeatedly attempted to kill him but succeeded only in blowing his own cover. Arrested by Dredd, Maybe nonetheless passed on his suspicions that Sinfield was corrupt and was a key player in getting him removed from office and reinstating Chief Judge Dan Francisco.

Maybe himself was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment because of his service to the city. Byron Ambrose was declared to have died of natural causes, much to the sorrow of the citizens who were not informed that their beloved Mayor was in fact a mass murderer. PJ Maybe has since escaped custody again.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Expert serial killer. PJ is highly intelligent, with the ability to do things like synthesise dangerous chemicals by following instructions in text books. He may be a genius.

Strength level

Average human male.


Has dyslexia.

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PJ Maybe was loosely based on author Sue Townsend's self-deluding teenage diarist Adrian Mole.

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