Persha The First
Persha in The First #8
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance The First
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Persha
Species Demi-God (Secundae)
Team affiliations House Dexter
House Sinister
Abilities Clairvoyance, Dimensional shift, Super strength, Teleportation, Flight, Knowledge

Persha is a character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse. She appeared in The First as one of the main characters, though more of an observer than an active participant. Persha was not one of the original gods but instead was the child of two of the gods: Pyrem and Ingra. As the child of two of the most powerful gods, she herself is nearly their equal and stronger than most other gods.

Character details

Persha is the personification of perception. She is content to sit and observe events (in a sense she is something like the reader, who often sees things that Persha herself sees). She seems to have little contact with the other members of House Sinister with the exception of her mother (Ingra), Wyture and the two other major gods: Gannish and Orium.

Persha is the observer of most of the action in The First comic series. Mostly she watches the machinations of her counterpart, Seahn from House Dexter. She also watches her mother, Ingra, though she sometimes does not understand Ingra's plans. Persha rarely acts, though she can defend herself from most attacks, either with sheer power or by slipping away into an alternate dimension from which she can see but not be seen.

Persha is guided by Wyture, a fragment of Danik. Persha is not easy to fool and Wyture does little more than offer suggestions (though one time she breaks a spell Ingra placed on Persha, though Persha did not notice who did it).

Starting in episode 11, Persha began to take action, convinced that the two houses must now unite after so many years of separation. Her first attempt at unification was to find Altwaal. This effort was not successful, although she did find him. Altwaal refused to acknowledge his name or her plea to return. Next Persha sets in motion the rescue of her mother Ingra by her father Pyrem. She hoped by bringing the two leaders of the houses together that the rift between House Dexter and House Sinister could be healed. While successful on the surface, Ingra was still scheming and mistrusted by the other leaders of House Dexter. Persha's attempt to control her mother and put an end to her schemes failed. At the end of the series, Pyrem resigned his position as leader of House Dexter and Persha was given the job by group mind vote of the members of House Dexter. Then Altwaal returns and the series came to an end.

Persha is a very decent character who knows all about the schemes and manipulations of others but remains non-judgemental. She knows her mother is both manipulative and power-hungry but she loves her mother and this love is (to some degree) reciprocated.

Persha's fate as the leader of House Dexter is unknown as the CrossGen company went bankrupt and the series came to a halt.

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