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The Philosopher's Stone
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less than 1 kg.
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The Philosopher's Stone is one of the Four Wonders of Alchemy and possesses the ability to reconstuct the molecular properties of inanimate matter into the properties of another element. Through the centuries it had various owners, as the alchemist Galio (and subsequently stolen by Zobar Zodiak), after stolen from a museum by The Loreli; Finally, it became the chosen weapon of Albert Desmond, aka Mister Element and Doctor Alchemy.

In Metal Men Vol 3 it was revealed a magician from the city of Mu named Simon Magnus harnessed the power of a dimension called the Darkworld and created the Wheel of the World (also known in some legends as the Philosopher's Stone). his descendant William magnus created the Responsometer (Magnus' design had been inspired by a drawing of the Wheel).

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