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Pini Segna

Real Name
Segna Pini
Pini Segna


Date of Birth
, 1925

Date of Death
September 13, 2012

Place of Birth
Florence, Province of Florence, Italy

Place of Death
Dogliani, Province of Cuneo, Italy

First publication


Personal History

Personal History of Pini Segna is unknown.

Professional History

Pini Segna was born in Florence in 1925. His first name was Segna but he signed himself and is known as Pini Segna, as though Segna were his last name.

He was known to readers especially for having been a part of the Zagor art staff, a series he worked on from 1977 to 1982.

In fandom circles he was known, for a brief time, for the Premio Pini Segna award named after him. The award was given to creators who self-published, as he had done in the past, being one of the precursors of self-publishing comic book creators.


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