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Planet Hulk
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Sam Liu
Harvey2.jpg Producers
Eric S. Rollman, Stan Lee, Joshua Fine, Kevin Feige
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Guy Michaelmore
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George P. Rizkallah
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81 minutes
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February 2, 2010
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Will he save their world...or destroy it?


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He was a monster, impossible to control, too dangerous to ignore. So Earth's mightiest heroes exiled him into outer space.

But now the Incredible Hulk crash-lands on the distant planet Sakaar, ruled by the tyrannical Red King. Sold into slavery, the Hulk becomes the planet's mightiest gladiator - but his new masters get more than they bargained for when he forges a bond of brotherhood with his fellow fighters.

Unlike Earth, the desperate people of Sakaar believe a monster is just what they need. But will the Hulk be the one to save their world...or destroy it?


  • Rick D. Wasserman as the Hulk
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Korg
  • Mark Hildreth as the Red King
  • Marc Worden as Iron Man
  • Liam O'Brien as Hiroim
  • Michael Kopsa as Lavin Skee
  • Lisa Ann Beley as Caiera
  • Sam Vincent as Miek
  • Russell Roberts as Primus Vand
  • Advah Soudack as Elloe Kaifi
  • Paul Dobson as Beta Ray Bill
  • Donald Adams as Governor Churik


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  • The scene where Korg recalls when he and his brothers fought Thor and Beta Ray Bill on Earth is slightly similar to Thor's batlle with the Kronans in Journey Into Mystery #83.
  • In the original comic series of Planet Hulk, the alien whom Hulk and the Warbound fight was the Silver Surfer, wherein the film Beta Ray Bill takes the Surfer's place.
  • In the film, the Hulk never reverts back to the form of Bruce Banner.
  • No-Name, a member of the Warbound in the comics, does not appear in the film.
  • In the audience of the coliseum in Crown City, there are appearances from some notable residents of the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, including a few Skrulls, Adam Warlock, Star-Lord, and Gamora.

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