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Planet Terry was an American science fiction comic book aimed at young children. Published by Star Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics, the title lasted 12 issues, from April 1985 to March 1986. The title was authored by Lennie Herman, the writer of fellow Star Comics books Top Dog and Royal Roy, and illustrated by artist Warren Kremer, who had previously worked for Harvey Comics.

Planet Terry (a pun on the word "planetary", meaning of or relating to planets) followed the eponymous Terry, a teenager, on his quest to find his parents, officers on the spaceship Star Warp, who accidently launched him off the craft. Thinking him lost forever, Terry's parents went on with their lives, unsuspecting that the ship and Terry, had, in fact, survived. Along with a female robot named Robota rescued from a junkheap, and a muscular, yellow-skinned alien called Omnus, Terry had several misadventures while scanning the galaxy for his parents.

Though there were frequently hints of a larger, grander plotline, or even a connection to the mainstream Marvel Universe and Earth-616, Planet Terry's story was never fully resolved before it's cancellation, and the characters made no appearances in any other Star Comics titles before the line was discontinued.

Terry is a Kree.

Planet terry is one of the few Star comics titles that take place in the 616 universe.

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