Quote1 Stay back! I'm warning you! I'm the most powerful member of the JLA! Quote2
-- Plastic Man

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Agent Morgan and Chief Branner try to apprehend Plastic Man. Agent Morgan uses rubber bullets and acetone and seems to get the best of him. Morgan goes for a different plan of attack, leaving Woozy Winks to take care of Plas. Plastic Man tries to escape through an electrical outlet, but Woozy throws a bucket of water on it, electrocuting himself in the process. Looking like the end for both of these guys, Woozy and Plastic Man confess how much they care about each other. Agent Morgan gets the air conditioning into high gear and Plastic Man's malleability comes to an end! They stuff him into bodybags and lock him a coroner's cooler. The chief and Morgan celebrate their success of having captured a notorious criminal when a recovered Woozy walks in. He asks what everyone is so happy about and they explain - and it is all thanks to Woozy! However, Woozy does not feel as jubilus as the others. The coroner cuts the celebration short when he starts to worry about whether Plastic Man needs to breathe or not. Meanwhile, the Chief and Agent Morgan inform the JLA that Plastic Man is a criminal. They are all shocked by the news. The Chief and Morgan try to ascertain whether Plastic Man needs to breathe or not, and the JLA seems to think he does. However, the JLA are actually robots, courtesy of the Prankster. The Chief, Agent Morgan, and Woozy try to decide what to do with Plastic Man. They decide taking him to a meat packing/storage facility is probably best. Two uniformed cops take the body bag with Plastic Man to the facility. On the way, they begin to worry about whether he will die or not inside the body bag. Plas, meanwhile, has a vision of his Master. Just as Plastic Man is about to die, the cops open the body bag, providing Plastic Man with sweet, fresh air!


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