Percival Proudfoot Plugsley

Real Name
Percival Proudfoot Plugsley
Plug; Claude
Elvis (younger brother)

Unusual Features
First appearance

The Beano #608


Percival Proudfoot Plugsley, better known as Plug, is one of the Bash Street Kids, a class of terrifying children who attend Bash Street School in Beanotown.


Plug in the Bash Street Kids

Curiously, Plug's real name was once given as "Claude", a discrepancy which has never been explained; Plug could hardly be mistaken for anyone else, since his features are quite unique (not so say horrible. OK, in fact, I will say it: he looks horrible). Plug's extreme ugliness masks a curiously romantic soul, albeit a seriously deluded one as he actually believes himself to be staggeringly handsome.

He is frequently accompanied by his pet dog, Pug, who is (somewhat predictably) almost as ugly as his master.

In addition to being a mainstay of the Bash Street Kids, Plug briefly starred in his own comic, entitled Plug (what else could it be called?). However, this version of Plug (who later transferred to the pages of Beezer after his own title was cancelled) appeared older (and more pompous) than the incarnation seen in the Beano, did not appear to be at school, and had seemingly traded his dog for an extremely ugly monkey called Chunkee. Possibly, this was a parallel universe version of Plug? We'll never know...

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