Police Comics
Police Comics 1.jpg
Police Comics #1 (Aug, 1941). Art by Gil Fox.
Publication information
Publisher Quality Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Standard
Publication date August 1941 - October 1953
Number of issues 127
Main character(s) Plastic Man
Phantom Lady
Human Bomb
Creative team
Writer(s) Jack Cole
Will Eisner
Paul Gustavson
Artist(s) Jack Cole
Reed Crandall
Will Eisner
Gil Fox

Police Comics was a comic book anthology title published by Quality Comics (under its imprint "Comic Magazines") from 1941 until 1953. It featured short stories in the superhero, crime and humor genres.

The first issue of Police Comics featured the debuts of Plastic Man, Phantom Lady, the Human Bomb, and Firebrand, all characters that continued to be published decades later by DC Comics after it acquired Quality's properties. Firebrand, the initial lead feature, was soon eclipsed by Jack Cole's popular Plastic Man, who took the cover and the lead from issues #5-102. Other notable characters featured in Police Comics include Manhunter, who was introduced in Police Comics #8, #711, who was introduced in Police Comics #1, and Will Eisner's The Spirit, in the form of reprints of the character's newspaper comic strips.

File:Police Comics 124.jpg

Police Comics #124 (Feb, 1953). Pencils by Reed Crandall, inks by Chuck Cuidera.

After the popularity of superhero comics waned, Police Comics shifted with issue #103 (Dec, 1950) to more naturalistic detective and crime-themed stories. The series ended in October 1953 with issue #127.

Character Runs

  • Plastic Man (#1-102)
  • Mouthpiece (#1-13)
  • Manhunter (#8-101)
  • 711 (#1-15)
  • Phantom Lady (#1-23)
  • Human Bomb (#1-58)
  • Firebrand (#1-13)

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