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  • Miss Wormwood
  • Monty Sturges
  • Saied
  • A model




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  • This graphic novel leads into the Power of Shazam ongoing series. A few plot points of significance are resolved in that series, most noticeably the fate of Mary Batson, which is revealed in bits and pieces. While she makes significant appearances before that, Power of Shazam Vol 1 16 is a key issue in that it reveals her immediate fate after this Graphic Novel.


Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium stated the events of Shazam: The New Beginning took place on Earth-85, a depository for non-canon New Earth stories retroactively making Power of Shazam the formal history of New Earth Captain Marvel.

  • There are several nods made throughout this issue to the original creators of Captain Marvel. Billy Batson's father's name is C.C. Batson. This is an homage to the late artist, C.C. Beck, one of the co-creators of Captain Marvel and Shazam. One of the avenues in Fawcett City is named Parker Street - a reference to writer/editor Bill Parker. There is a media reference to a neighborhood called Beckville, which is another nod to C.C. Beck. That same source also indicates a location called Binder Square - a reference to Golden Age writer, Otto Binder.

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