Quote1 There, now, they've got the question in their eyes—Frightening. Whispering. Pulling them right to the edge -- And there—tempting, seductive -- the answer. They don't need that answer in their lives. They shouldn't have to accept it. Not now. Maybe not ever. They deserve better than a cynic's answer. A pragmatist's answer. The answer of a man who lost his innocence too many years ago... 'If we do this,' the question goes, 'how does that make us any better?' Because we will win. Quote2
-- Ripley Weaver

Appearing in "Amateur Night"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Long Green Gary Grant


Other Characters:

  • Donald Hudson
  • Bets Canfield (Only appearance; dies)[1]
  • Petey Locks (Only appearance; dies)[1]




Solicit Synopsis:Edit

Last time around, Vic and Lenore prevented a planeload of people from crashing to their deaths. But that was easy compared to facing a trio of super powered Shadow Dweller assassins!


  • Bets and Petey's last names and final fates are revealed in Powerline #5.


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