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Publication information
Publisher Charlton Comics
First appearance Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #60 (1967)
Created by Dennis O'Neil, Jim Aparo
In-story information
Alter ego unknown
Partnerships Hiram Graves (inventor and fellow freedom fighter)
Abilities athletic agility
bizarre humor-based gadgets
mastery of disguise

The Prankster was a short-lived comic book super hero who appeared in a series published by Charlton Comics. His only appearance was in Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #60 in Nov./Dec. 1967 (the title's final issue). He was created by writer Dennis O'Neil and artist Jim Aparo, and is considered O'Neil's first creation.

The Prankster is a freedom fighter in a repressive dystopia called Ultrapolis. Here love, laughter, music, art, and every other expression of human dignity can be a crime punishable by death. So the Prankster fights back with bizarre weapons such as laughing gas, a jet-powered hot-air balloon, and a magic flute.

A second story was promised, but never appeared. It is not clear that the Prankster was one of the Charlton "Action Heroes" picked up by DC Comics, although he appeared in the 1986 DC Challenge.

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