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Real Name
Current Alias
Necromantra (creator)
Prime (Kevin Green) (progenitor)
Base Of Operations

Marital Status
Sentient Protoplasmic Husk discarded by Kevin Green
Place of Birth
First appearance


When the resurrected god Argus sought servants to retrieve the keys to the Crucible of Life for him, he teleported several Ultras (superhumans) from Earth to the Godwheel. One of the Ultras he sought to retrieve was the Ultra hero Prime, but instead he accidentally recovered one of Prime's discarded husks, which was in storage at an Aladdin facility. This husk was brought to life by the villainess Necromantra when she agreed to serve Argus. Though nearly as strong as Prime, Primevil's intelligence was limited. Primevil served Argus until Argus attacked Necromantra. Joining the other ultras and newly arrived Thor from the Marvel universe, they were able to banish Argus to another realm. Thor then transported everyone, including Primevil back to earth.

Primevil soon confronted Prime himself. Prime had been attacked by the Ultra-killer Rafferty who had shot an explosive tipped arrow into his head, blowing him up. Prime's alter-ego, Kevin Green, survived, but he was suffering from a concussion. Primevil, drawn to the "Prime" energy within Kevin, attacked. Transforming into Prime, Kevin found that this Prime-body had its head on backwards, and was soon defeated by Primevil. Primevil attempted to absorb Prime and take his power, but the government heroine Phade intervened and gave Prime the time to right himself and defeat Primevil.

A god soon used Primevil as a pawn again. The Norse god of evil, Loki, trapped in the Ultraverse, sought to gather the Infinity Gems which had also appeared in the Ultraverse. Already having procured the Time Gem from Hardcase, Loki used Primevil to retrieve the Mind Gem for him. Primevil, however, placed the gem on his head and became intelligent. Seeking out Mantra, whom Primevil had fallen in love with, the pair found themselves under attack from Loki. Traveling to the Godwheel, they confronted Loki. To keep the gem for himself, Primevil attempted to absorb Loki, though the act would kill him. To save Primevil from himself, Mantra separated the gem from his head, which Loki soon gathered. With no reason to continue fighting, Loki let Mantra and the once again near mindless Primevil depart.

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