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Project Pegasus, Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S.


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Organization Leader(s)
Director Gruenwald, Blue Shield (head of security)


Government-funded research facility


Project Pegasus (Potential Energy Group/Alternate Sources/United States) is a scientific base. Project: Pegasus was originally intended to research alternative (and unusual) forms of energy, but has also been used as a prison for super-powered individuals. The facility is located in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.

Several heroes have served terms working security at the facility, including the Thing and Quasar. At one time it also served as a temporary home for the Squadron Supreme when they were exiled from their own universe.


  • Director Gruenwald
  • Evelyn Necker
  • Dr. Thomas Lightner (formerly)
  • Faith Barrows
  • Helen Carver - rescued by Quasar after the Omnivore attack.
  • Dr. Clark
  • Dr. DeVere - Thermal expert
  • Dr. Anson Harkov - Director of research
  • Dr. Pons Indenbaum
  • Dr. Andrew Kappelhoff
  • Sidney Keith
  • Davis Kent
  • Jessica Knowles
  • Talia Kruma D.Sc PhD - Former member of the Whiz Kids and Stark West, works as an engineer, architect and designer.
  • LeAnn Margolis
  • Dr. Margaret Mayfair - Director of Marketing
  • Mr. Meeker
  • Seamus McAnn
  • Jerome N'Tuba
  • Dr. Jeannine O’Connell - Psychotherapist
  • Dr. Jason Rivera - assisted in several superhuman data searches.
  • Dr. Henri Sorel (Radion the Atomic Man/Ravager) - Scientist
  • Dr. Myron Wilburn - Administrative Director
  • Bob (project technician)
  • Finch
  • Frank (project technician)
  • Howie (transport)
  • Mr. Jensen (transport)

Jenkins (Project Pegasus) (Earth-616)

File:Jenkins (Project Pegasus) (Earth-616).png

Jenkins formerly worked for the National Security Council under Henry Peter Gyrich, later was a member of the Project: PEGASUS security department.[1]



Equipment: None known.


  • The facility is remembered best in comics for "The Project Pegasus Saga" printed in Marvel Two-in-One #53-#58 (later collected as a trade paperback of the same title with art by John Byrne and George Pérez). However, its recurring use as a prison for supervillains of the Marvel Universe has led to a number of comics stories in the following decades, significant among them an emergence of the Serpent Crown.


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