Quote1.png It was like something H.P. Lovecraft pulled out of his nose. Quote2.png
-- Barbara Shelley

Appearing in "The Stars are but Thistles"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Aleister "Alice" Crowley


Other Characters:

  • Austin Osman Spare
  • Victor Neuberg (a poet)


  • Daath
  • The Black Tower



Synopsis for "The Stars are but Thistles"Edit

Barbara and Sophie fall into the Abyss and arrive at Daath. They encounter Aleister Crowley, who's in female form and riding a camel. After a brief conversation, the two continue their journey searching for Barbara's husband, Steve. They come upon a black tower and find a younger version of Austin Osman Spare, but he doesn't remember them. Spare informs them that they are traveling through "the dreadful absence, a crack in everything." Barbara and Sophie began to understand that they're intellectually, emotionally and spiritually lost. They then witness Aleister Crowley, now as a male, summoning Choronzon and then suddenly the two disintegrate and wind up at Binah.


  • The cover is a tribute to artist "Richard Upton Pickman," who is a character in H.P. Lovecraft's "Pickman’s Model" short story.


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