Quote1 I went to heaven and all I got was this lousy red mu-mu. Quote2
-- Stacia

Appearing in "A Higher Court"Edit

Supporting Characters:


  • Henry Royce
  • Prudence Royce
  • The Pied Piper (As a spirit)

Other Characters:

  • Agent Karen Breughel
  • Agent Lucille Ball
  • John Kendricks Bangs (Sophie's Great-Uncle) (As a spirit)
  • The Higher Court
  • Judge Benny Solomon
  • Philomenus Phrog (a lawyer)
  • Jack Faust (a magician)




Synopsis for "A Higher Court"Edit

In the Immateria, Sophie Bangs, Stacia and Grace are taken to a higher court for the final decision of who should be the true Promethea which oversees the Apocalypse. Sophie wins her case with the help of Jack Faust being her lawyer. Everyone then returns to their earthly homes.

Meanwhile, Henry Royce answers some questions from F.B.I. agents Breughel and Ball concerning Promethea. An arrest of Jack Faust follows.

Agent Breughel visits Stacia at her home, and shoots her believing she was about to be attacked.

At Sophie's home, her mother has a premonition that something awful is about to happen and warns her daughter to escape before the F.B.I. come for her.

Sophie agrees and makes a run for it.

To be continued...


  • The cover is inspired by artist Winsor McCay.


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