Quote1 I have... to believe... there's hope... I have... to believe... there's happiness... Quote2
-- Promethea

Appearing in "Misty Magic Land"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Big Bad Wolf

Other Characters:

  • Bob
  • Kenneth
  • Marv
  • Roger
  • Stan
  • The Weeping Gorilla




Synopsis for "Misty Magic Land"Edit

Promethea visits Barbara Shelley at the hospital and explains how her friend, Stacia, was sucked through a dimensional gateway. Barbara informs Promethea that she needs to use her imagination in order to follow Stacia into the Immateria.

Promethea does just that, and the hospital fades away leaving her in "Misty Magic Land." While there, she encounters Little Red Riding Hood, who goes off into the dark woods. When Promethea finds Stacia, they encounter the Big Bad Wolf, but the two escape him by imagining that they're back in New York. Now safe, Promethea wishes to change back into her normal self, Sophie Bangs, and she passes out due to the transition.


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