Quote1 Shush. Just let her go. It's easy. W-we let go of being children... we... let go of being young... and pretty. We let go... of being Promethea. We... let go... of... everything... Quote2
-- Barbara Shelley

Appearing in "Guys and Dolls"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Promethea[[Category::wikipedia:Promethea (Earth-ABC)/Appearances]]
  • Little Margie

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Caduceus


Synopsis for "Guys and Dolls"Edit

The hospital where Barbara and Sophie are recovering is attacked by demons, which were summoned by Benny Solomon. Sophie manages to conjure up previous versions of Promethea, manifesting her friend, a nurse and her own mother as hosts to the magical heroine. Barbara also becomes a Promethea and they all fight the demons. Meanwhile, the villain, the Painted Doll, makes his escape by blowing up a section of the hospital, killing Benny Solomon. Panicked, the remaining demons break free by flying into Mayor Baskerville's mouth, and hiding within his soul.


  • The cover gives a "Thank You Terry Gilliam." He did the the cut-out animations for the BBC series, Monty Python's Flying Circus, which the cover is a homage too.
  • The title of the story is "Guys and Dolls." It is named after the Frank Loesser musical. For this issue, it refers to the Five Swell Guys and the Painted Doll.


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