Pros & Cons
Author(s) Kieran Meehan
Current status / schedule Running
Launch date September, 2005
Syndicate(s) King Features Syndicate
Genre(s) Humor, Professions, Family

Pros & Cons is a comic strip about a lawyer, a psychiatrist and a police officer created by Glasgow–based artist Kieran Meehan. It was known as A Lawyer, A Doctor & A Cop before July 7, 2008, when it was renamed in an effort to make the title easier to remember.[1]


Lyndon Peel is a sophisticated psychiatrist who is happily oblivious to his own issues.

Samuel Rhodes is a skeptical defense attorney. He is married to Michele. They have an opinionated seven-year-old named Jack, who is based on Meehan's younger brother, David, and nephew, Michael.

Stan Defoe, a tough-talking Detective, is dedicated and street-wise.

Sophie Defoe, Stan's sister, is the sagacious proprietor of 'Defoe’s Diner'

Gillian Jaggers, a brilliant District Attorney, is a ruthless opponent to Samuel in the courtroom. She and Stan are dating.

Recurring themes

  • Lyndon, Samuel and Stan, a trio of friends, are often seen eating at Defoe's Diner.
  • The trio are also often seen trying to figure out a painting's meaning in an art gallery.
  • Each of the characters are frequently shown solo, working in their respective professions.

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