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Real Name

Grey, fur is gray
Unusual Features
Horns and goat-like features, patch on left eye, three fingers and a thumb on each hand
Freedom fighter
Genetically engineered by Arize
Place of Birth
First appearance


Quark was created by Arize to be part of the slave race in Mojoworld. Hearing of the exploits of Longshot he was inspired to fight for freedom. Pretending to still be working for Mojo he got himself on a team sent to Earth to hunt Longshot. After some misunderstanding he was able to convince Longshot he wanted to help him and eventually accompanied him back to Mojoworld. Once there both were captured and after some time a brainwashed Quark was sent against the X-Men.
Somehow regaining his free will Quark later helped Longshot in his rebellion in Mojoworld.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


He was genetically engineered and mystically altered to have specific superhuman abilities.

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Agility

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Endurance

Probability Field Manipulation: Quark can psionically alter probability fields in his favor giving himself "good luck". This power is linked to his attitude and motivations; positive intentions reap positive outcomes and vice versa. His pessimism and knowledge that attracting good luck to himself gives others somewhere else bad luck result in his sparing use of this ability.

He has a star shaped scar on his left eye from being branded. It glows when he uses his powers, though he normally covers this eye with a patch.

As a result of an incomplete or incorrect interdimensional spell, Quark is trapped between dimensions. This gives him the ability to make his body incorporeal and teleport short distances.


Well versed in firearms, melee weapons, and hand to hand combat.

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