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Synopsis for "Whose War is This Anyway?"

In the Dimension of Manifestations, Quasar and Contemplator observe the catatonic Eternity. Contemplator teleports Quasar back to Earth. He then encounters a meeting of Abstracts and cosmic entities.

Quasar arrives at Four Freedoms Plaza. He speaks with Captain America, and joins the expeditionary force to discover the source of mysterious energy emissions.

On the planet Scadam, the Chief Examiner speaks with Kayla and Holly. He asks Kayla to surrender her "vast, unfathomable" energy powers to him in exchange for sending her home. However, the power overloads his synthesizing device and destroys the Chief Examiner. The Black Fleet arrives and attacks the planet.

The expeditionary force finds Thanos and the Infinity Watch. Quasar surrounds them in a containment shield. He assesses the situation with Captain America and Professor X. However, Thanos breaks through the shield, and a battle ensues. Quasar faces off against Adam Warlock.

Meanwhile, in the Dimension of Manifestations, Contemplator encounters Magus and Anthropomorpho creating doppelgangers.

Back on Scadam, Kayla tries to access her power to defend against the Black Fleet. It appears to destroy her instead.


  • This issue is part of the "Infinity War" crossover event, and this story takes place during Infinity War #3-4.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Infinity War Omnibus hardcover published in 2019.

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