Quote1 Jimmy, you're right! It is a lens! It's concentrating the sun's rays, just like a kid with a magnifying glass! It's big enough to bring Metropolis Bay to a steady boil... and it's heading this way! Quote2
-- Lois Lane

Appearing in "As Above So Below"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Minos
  • The Subterraneans

Other Characters:

  • Miles Van Vliet
  • Six True Words




Synopsis for "As Above So Below"Edit

Lex Luthor gives a press conference, introducing Metropolis' to the groundbreaking of his Science Spire.

Meanwhile, The Question walks the city and watches as the sunlight, focused through a giant lens, beams down, tearing through Metropolis and destroying everything in its path. Superman arrives to stop the destruction while the Question thwarts a couple of bank robbers who were hoping to go unnoticed during the distraction.


  • 3-D models built by Donald Cameron.


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