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The Gulf nation of Qurac held a strong anti-US policy and was a major sponsor of terrorism directed against the West. Qurac was the home base for the meta-human terrorist group the Jihad until their base was destroyed by the Suicide Squad.

Angry over terrorist attacks against Metropolis, Superman destroyed much of Qurac's military capability. Qurac's president Marlo was eventually kidnapped by western special forces and brought to the U.S. to stand trial.

The small country suffered its greatest disaster when the terrorist Cheshire detonated a stolen Russian nuclear missile over the country. She wanted to show she was willing to use the weapons she had stolen, but chose a country she knew the world powers cared little for.[1] Because of the radiation, aid workers have had difficulty getting help to the survivors.

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Capitol: Abu Dhabi



  • It is obvious that Qurac is meant to stand in for the real-world country Iraq and the physical resemblance of Marlo to Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein is just as obvious.


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