Rafael Aura León (born 1939) is a Spanish comic book artist who worked at Warren from 1971 to 1983.


The artist was known primarily as Auraleón, which is how he signed his work. Auraleón's career began in 1959 when he joined the Spanish agency Selecciones Illustrada,[1] drawing the comic strip Flash for Space Ace and Lone Star. His work would later appear in Commando in 1961 and 1968.

Auraleón joined Warren Publishing in 1971 and was one of their most prolific artists, doing 69 stories in total. This would rank him fourth among all artists at Warren after Jose Ortiz, Esteban Maroto and Luis Bermejo. Auraleón worked primarily in Vampirella, with approximately 20 stories appearing in Creepy and approximately 8 in Eerie. Auraleon was the recurring artist for the series Pantha, in 1974 and 1975. He also drew the series Cassandra St. Knight in 1981, and Sweetwater Nessie in 1982. All three series appeared in Vampirella. Auraleón remained with Warren until its bankruptcy in 1983.

Auraleón continued to work with Selecciones Illustrada after Warren's collapse, and drew the series Viaje al Infierno which was published in the Spanish version of Creepy.[1] After its publication in 1984, he left both S.I. and the comics field as well.

Art Credits

72 total stories 16 total frontis



  • The Ones Who Stole It From You - Eerie 37 (1972)
  • Just Passing Through - Eerie 39 (1972)
  • Eerie's Monster Gallery - Dracula's Castle - Eerie 40 (Frontis) (1972)
  • Pity the Grave Digger! - Eerie 40 (1972)
  • Eerie's Monster Gallery - Vlad the Impaler - Eerie 45 (Frontis) (1973)
  • Portrait of Dracula - Eerie 46 (Frontis) (1973)
  • Cousin Eerie Introduction - Eerie 74 (Frontis) (1976)
  • Junkyard Battles or Never Trust An Electric Shaver - Eerie 88 (1977)
  • Let's Hear It For Homo Sapiens - Eerie 92 (1978)
  • Firefly/Starfight - Eerie 110 (1980)


Writer Credits

1 total story


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