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Richard Raleigh (New Earth)

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Red Bee's secret identity is Rick Raleigh, assistant district attorney in Superior City, Oregon.[1] His modus operandi is to put on a red and yellow costume and, with his trained bee and bare fists, fight Nazis and gangsters. His favorite bee is named Michael and lives inside a pouch on Rick's belt for use in special circumstances. Michael is able to inflict multiple stings, unlike normal bees.

He was a member of the World War II-era All-Star Squadron until he was killed by the Nazi supervillain Baron Blitzkrieg.

His ghost has appeared at various points in the superhero career of Jack Knight, also known as Starman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




  • The Red Bee's "Alto-Gainer" is a steel box, the size of a small desk, on wheels, with a spring-loaded piston inside. He wheels it into position on the sidewalk outside an office building, sets the spring for 400 feet, and is catapulted to the 20th floor of the building, where he manually catches a ledge and breaks in through a window. Hit Comics #5, p.5


  • The Red Bee drove a large, powerful, distinctively-shaped, bright red sedan, with an "automatic driving" system, and no name.
  • In the early 1940s, the Red Bee kept an autogyro parked on the roof of Rick Raleigh's apartment building.


  • Trained Bees


The Freedom Fighters were relocated to a parallel world, one called "Earth-X", where Nazi Germany had won World War II. The team was featured in its own series for 15 issues (1976-1978), in which it temporarily left Earth-X for "Earth-One" (where most DC titles are set).

In 1981, some Quality Characters became recurring guest-stars of All-Star Squadron, a superhero-team title set on "Earth-Two", the locale for DC's WWII-era superheroes, and at a time prior to when the Freedom Fighters were supposed to have left for Earth-X. They later appeared with the rest of DC's superheroes in Crisis on Infinite Earths, a story that was intended to eliminate the confusing histories that DC had attached to its characters by retroactively merging the various parallel worlds into one. The Freedom Fighters became a mere splinter group of the All-Star Squadron.

  • In his original Hit Comics appearances, the Red Bee had no "stinger gun."
  • In his brief career in Hit Comics (24 issues), the Red Bee was hit in the head hard enough to knock him unconscious, a minimum of 14 times.


  • Red Bee is mentioned by Plastic Man as having been a friend and drinking buddy in an issue of JLA.



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