Quote1.png Master Richard carries so much on his young shoulders, the normal troubles associated with adolescence in addition to sharing Master Bruce's crusade. I only wonder if he knows how casually he is throwing away the years of his youth. Quote2.png
-- Alfred Pennyworth

Appearing in "Year One"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Assistant Principal N. Rooney
  • Claire
  • Jenny Noblesse




Synopsis for "Year One"Edit

Batman and Robin investigate a string of kidnapping taking place in and about Bristol Township. When one of the kidnap victims turns out to be a girl from Robin's school, the Boy Wonder attempts to solve the case on his own. He finds that the Mad Hatter has been enticing teenage girls with free headsets. His hat transmits a broadcast signal to the headsets that enables him to hypnotize his captives. His plan is to sell the captive girls to Generalissimo Singh Manh Lee of Rheelasia. Robin tracks the Hatter and Generalissimo Lee to the latter's yacht. He fights through a horde of goons, rescues the girls and exposes the Mad Hatter's plot. Batman is at first angry with him for going it alone, but is proud of his accomplishments.


  • Although this series is a "Year One" tale in Robin's career, it takes place during the "Year Three" era of Batman's career.


  • Assistant Principal Rooney may have been named after Principal Ed Rooney, a character played by Jeffrey Jones in the 1986 film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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