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  • This issue is "Part Two" of the seven-part storyline, "Batman: Officer Down." The reading order is as follows:
  • Batgirl last in Batgirl #12.
  • Batman, James Gordon, Catwoman, Crispus Allen, Renée Montoya, Harvey Bullock, Vincent del Arrazio, Stacy, Jordan Rich last in Batman #587.
  • Azrael, Batgirl, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Barbara Gordon, Mike Akins, Cripus Allen, Mackenzie Bock, James Gordon, Renée Montoya, Stacy and Jordan Rich next in Birds of Prey #27.
  • Renée Montoya appears in Batgirl #12 between pages of this issue.
  • Harvey Bullock next in Batgirl #12.


  • Although this is an issue of Robin, he barely appears in the story (5 panels) and takes no active part in events at all.
  • Michael Akins is appointed acting Commissioner and Mackenzie Bock is appointed acting Chief of Police by Mayor Dickerson behind the scenes in this issue.

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