Robot Archie

Real Name
Current Alias
Robot Archie
The Jungle Robot; Acid Archie; Android Andy
Base Of Operations

First appearance

Lion #1


Originally built by Professor CR Ritchie in the early 1950's, Archie was at first incapable of independent action and operated by remote control by either the Professor or his son Ted and Ted's friend Ken Dale, who used him to fight injustice. Later, in the mid 1960's Archie gained a degree of independence and a voice, which revealed him to have a likeable but pompous and boastful personality.

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Archie originally appeared in Lion from its first issue, dated 23rd February 1952, and subsequently appeared in various IPC titles including Vulcan. In later years, several different versions of Archie appeared, including a version in Grant Morrison's Zenith series in 2000AD which was depicted as a burned out acid casualty, and an alternate reality version called 'Android Andy' in Alan Moore's Captain Britain series from Marvel UK. The character is now owned by Time Warner, and was revived in the US published limited series Albion, in which a decommissioned and damaged Archie was rebuilt and revived after being discovered on display in the basement of a pub in Manchester by Bad Penny. This version of Archie was apparently destroyed in an attack on the castle formerly owned by Cursitor Doom, but his head remained intact so he could presumably be rebuilt.

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