This 22-minute special is broken up into many different sketches.


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This 22-minute special is broken up into many different sketches.

You Can't Fly

Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman prank Aquaman.

That's Bane!

As Batman is about to foil a bank robbery, Bane walks up behind him and breaks his back.

Real Characters from the DC Universe Pt. 1

B'Dg, a squirrel-like Green Lantern, is the first character featured in this series that highlights ridiculous characters from the DC Universe.

The Super Kiss

Superman abuses his power to take away a person's memory.

Two-Face's OCD

Two-Face uses a public restroom.

Cold Villains

Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Icicle, and Chillblaine attempt to steal a diamond from a museum.

Funeral in Earth-C

Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern attend Captain Carrot's funeral, but Green Lantern can't keep but laughing at Earth-C's cartoonish inhabitants.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing's hygiene is questioned.

That's Bane! Again!

After fully recovering from his injuries, Bane yet again breaks Batman's back.

Real Characters from the DC Universe 2

The second character featured is Firestorm, who's offended that he's in this.

Out to Score

Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Superman go to a bar to hit the scene to meet some ladies. Aquaman is humiliated.

Secret Santa

The Legion of Doom draws for this year's Secret Santa, and complains about a co-worker's odor.

Nerd Lantern

The Nerd becomes joins the Green Lantern Corps, and trains with Kilowog on Oa. NOTE: Unlike the rest of the episode, the Hal Jordan featured in this segment is based off the Ryan Reynolds version.

Luthor's Warsuit

Luthor is impressed by his newest weapon, but quickly finds a flaw in its design.

That Tickles

A criminal shoots Superman.

The Punctuation Posse

The Riddler forms his own gang when the Legion of Doom shoots down his ideas.

That's Bane! Thrice!

Batman comes back to the Justice League after recovering from his last encounter with Bane, only for the villain to break his back a third time as his comrades look on.

Sinestro Shaves

Mirror Master and the Riddler pressure Sinestro into shaving his mustache, with disastrous results.

That Is It!

Aquaman is fed up with the rest of the Justice League disrespecting him.

Real Characters from the DC Universe 3

Mister Banjo is the third character featured in this segment, to which Firestorm reacts violently.

Aqua Doom

Aquaman joins the Legion of Doom to get back at the Justice League.

Born on a Tuesday

Solomon Grundy finds out his real identity.


Aquaman, now secretly a member of the Legion of Doom, brings a cake filled with supervillains to the Hall of Justice for Robin's Bar Mitzvah, which turns out to be a cover for a surprise party for Aquaman. The villains breaks out of the cake, leading to an all-out brawl between the Legion of Doom and the Justice League, and Aquaman much decide where his loyalties reside.

The Funeral

Someone has died.



  • This TV Special was made in collaboration with DC Comics.
  • Most of the characters that appear in this special are an amalgam of the versions of their characters from various sources: Earth-One, New Earth, the Super Friends cartoon, and various movies.


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