Real Name
Rod Reilly
Current Alias
Danette Reilly (sister, status unknown); "Emerald" Ed Reilly (father, deceased)
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Rod Reilly was a bored playboy who fought crime on Earth-Two as Firebrand alongside his aide, Slugger Dunn. Reilly eventually enlisted in the Army and was injured during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, though his sister Danette Reilly discovered his old costume in his closet shortly afterward and used it to become the second Firebrand.

Freedom Fighters

Rod eventually recovered from his injuries and at some point migrated to the parallel world of Earth-X along with a number of other heroes, six of whom became the core group of the Freedom Fighters.

Reilly was not in this group at the time, instead operating alone, pretending to collaborate with the Nazis (who won the war on that world) in order to better operate against them.


When things became too hot for him, he was eventually forced to flee Earth-X by unknown means and escape to Earth-One some years before the Freedom Fighters finally overthrew the Nazis. He later discovered the injured Ray (Lanford Terrill) of the Freedom Fighters (who had believed him a traitor) in the woods after the Freedom Fighters moved to Earth-One, and helped him to recover his strength before clearing his own name and joining the group. Reilly was apparently killed soon afterward, turned to solid silver by the Silver Ghost, but was seen to be alive and back on Earth-X during the Crisis on Infinite Earths shortly before Earth-X was destroyed and its history folded into that of the New Earth.

New Earth

Reilly's early life up to the point of his injury remained the same, and it is also known that he later returned to active service as Firebrand and joined the Freedom Fighters, but no details of this or of his later life are known. It has been stated that he has since died, but again, the details of this are unclear at present.

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