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Rom stands with Sybil on the sea cliff by her home. He tells her he must depart and she asks what’s to become of her as he is the sole light in her darkness. She tells him of the man she perceives as generous, noble, and lonely as she is. She also sees the torture in his soul. Rom uses his Analyzer to find the cause of her blindness and is able to restore her sight with his Neutralizer. She begs him to taker her with him and he does so. In the realm of Atlantis the Lord Neptune’s Oracle brings portents of dark peril about to befall. Namor, the Sub-Mariner is outraged that evil aliens perform sacrilegious rites at Neptune’s Cave and goes forth to stop it. As Rom and Sybil fly overhead, a Wraith mutated sea serpent burst from the water and attacks. Rom neutralizes it but not before it can lash out with every iota of electrical energy engulfing Rom & Sybil. Rom bears the brunt using his armor as a lightning rod to protect the girl but is knocked unconscious. They both fall from the sky but the Sub-Mariner arrives in time to catch Sybil and save her. He sends her to Atlantis and searches to save the fallen Spaceknight who has regained consciousness far below. Rom summons his Analyzer to find Sybil but immediately detects Dire Wraiths. He finds a large group of them all transformed into sea creatures performing their unholy rites. A battle ensues and Namor soon joins in against the Wraiths. Rom banishes all but the Wraith High Witch who feeds herself to the Black Pearl to finish the incantation and summon forth the monster slumbering within.


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